The Week Of Our Lives

I type this blog post from the Mustard Yellow House, where Tom and I now reside.

Yes! We’ve moved in!

Move in collage

What a week it was, leading up to moving-in day. Possibly the week of our lives, so far. Let me tell you about it.

Until yesterday, we were living in a rented AirBnB cottage in Waikanae Beach, just 10 minutes from where we’d sited our tiny house. It was handy to be able to make daily trips to the house, packing things in and setting up our “yard”.

Tom and I also did a lot of what I think is called Logistics, which is about planning and timing and sharing information and trying not to retrace our steps. Oh, and using the phone and email to achieve the above.

Here, in attention-friendly bullet points, are the things we achieved last week BEFORE moving into the tiny house.


Nick speech

  • Fixed fence panels to the ground to create front and back yards that keep the dogs in.
  • Brought boxes of our stuff from the storage locker to the BnB and then to the house.
  • Lodged dogs in doggy daycare for the key days of the move.
  • Had a good meeting/chinwag with our landlords over our plans.
  • Boned up on greywater systems.

I’m bored with bullet points now, so I’ll just make an old-fashioned list of the last things: cleaned up and checked out from the BnB, packed in to the tiny house (ongoing), fired up the woodburner, ate fish and chips on the floor in front of the fire (a tradition with every new place we move into), helped the landlords get a new window in place, watched an episode of Sense8 on the computer, and slept our first night in our new home.

In the morning, the piglets came to visit.

Piggies wide

Peacocks have strutted by a couple of times. It’s so not suburbia.

This week our solar will be set up, the couch will arrive, and the dogs will join us. We’ll dig a simple system to get rid of greywater. Then we want to mark out and fence a decent-sized yard that the dogs can’t escape. And get a little washing machine.

There’s a lot still to do, but if there’s one day we can mark in the calendar as The Day We Achieved Our Dream, then it was yesterday.

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