How Our House Looks Now

In my first and second posts on this blog, I showed you what our house looks like. Most of the photos were months old, and the house has progressed. So today, here are my latest photos, taken a few days ago at the builder’s yard where the house is being finished.

Let’s start with the “front” of the house — the bit that’ll face north into the sun.

TH northeast

See how the wheels are at each end of the house, unlike a lot of tiny houses, which have the wheels in the middle. We think this makes the house more stable and steerable.

Here’s the narrowness of the house — what you’d see if following us on the road (sorry, it won’t be far till the next passing lane).

TH eastern end

The windows are the bathroom’s. You can see the white air vent on the gable. The box on the left contains the gas water heater, or califont. It’ll heat water at the rate of 16 litres a minute, plenty for a shower.

Now a southeast view:

TH southeast popin

The popout to the left of the door is, as you can see, popped in. We’ll pull it out and set up its supports when it’s in position on our site.

The front brown-painted cupboard is for the gas bottle to fuel the oven (the kitchen is at that end). The rear cupboard is storage space and will almost certainly hold the inverter and battery bank for our solar power system.

Note the pig-ugly dog door that has been cut into the door. It’s not the builder’s fault, it’s mine. I had no idea it would stand out so much! In time, I’ll sand it and paint it the same green as the door.

The front:

TH southwest

The kitchen has a garden window which is pretty cute. Note the white vent on the right-hand wall just under the roofline — that’s just above the oven.

So we have lots of windows and two vents — air flow is an issue in tiny houses, which can heat and steam up quickly.

Here’s the kitchen:

Kitchen SW unlit


Stove and above

Kitchen NW

It’s beautifully done. All the interior wood is Pacific Kauri. Looking forward to cooking my first meal in this kitchen.

Here’s the wood burner, without its flue.

Burner unflued

It’s NZ-made, by Flick. Can’t wait to see our dogs curled in front of it. The flue is being fitted this very weekend. Oh, I now see part of my thumb in the corner.

The study:


Well, it’s a study and a dining room and a work station. Nice table handcrafted by our builder.

We have a storage cupboard…

Storage cupboard

And a laundry (which will gain a shelf and clothes rack before the house is moved):


I think I’ve shown the bath before…

Bath and windows

…but not the loo:

Toilet and dispenser

…about which a whole blog post will be written. I know you can’t wait to learn what that crank handle on the right does. Or perhaps you don’t want to know.

The bathroom cupboard is finished:

Bathroom cupboard

One more photo, looking up:

Loft entry popped in

This is the crowded look of our loft, with the popout pushed in at the right. I’ve managed to store our bed and a few bags of clothes up there. You can see the feet of the ladder in the centre of the photo.

Tiny-house people refer to the main space in their house (i.e. not the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen) as the Great Room. And yes, there’s a little self-mockery in the term. I haven’t taken a decent photo of our great room yet — it’s beauty is so elusive.

Enough Of The Photos, Important News To Impart

  1. We are full owners of The Mustard Yellow House.
  2. We are now tenants at Makahuri, where our house will be moved.
  3. There’s a booking for our house to be towed into position there on Monday, August 21. That’s two days away.
  4. We’ve settled on a solar power package, pending a few questions — the biggest single expense in our setup.
  5. Shit has got quite real.

Next post: The Mustard Yellow House hits the road, and comes home.



6 thoughts on “How Our House Looks Now

  1. It looks brilliant and I send you both best wishes from the UK for the move on the 21st. I miss NZ and all the quirky little houses like this one. Love the design, love the colour and the workmanship is 2nd to none. When’s the house warming party ? 🙂

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